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Garlic Earrings

Garlic Earrings

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We decided it was time to take our relationship with garlic to the next level.

A note: we have upgraded our earring hooks but haven't had time to take new pics yet! Functionally they are very similar, but are now gold-filled and look even better.

This pungent little allium has a special significance in Jewish culture, history, and folk medicine, which is why we were so inspired by it...but we're hardly alone. Cultural cuisines around the world have garlic at their core, and now you can always have a little piece of that magic dangling from your earlobes!

With each piece measuring 0.75" at its widest point, they're light and breezy to wear, while still making a statement.

Earrings are made of 22k gold plated nickel-free brass, 14/20 gold filled hooks. They arrive ready to gift or keep in a custom  jewelry box. 

For sanitary reasons, earring sales are final.

Care Recommendations for 22k Gold Plated Jewelry

All our jewelry is made from brass and is plated with 22k gold. Our chains and earring hooks are made from nickel-free mixed metals.

Tarnishing can happen, especially when the jewelry is exposed to excess moisture and heat. Jewelry can also have “allergic”-type reactions to certain perfumes, lotions, and body products. If your jewelry becomes tarnished, our manufacturer recommends the following:

  • Dip a clean toothbrush into a solution of dish soap and water, scrub gently, dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Do NOT use silver polish, it will destory the plating!

If your jewelry arrives tarnished or incurs any other damage in-transit, please don’t be afraid to reach out and let me know so I can get you a replacement!

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