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Ordering and Shipping

Do you ship worldwide?

Currently we are only shipping to the United States and Canada, and have paused all other international shipping due to the Covid-19 pandemic & frequent first class international mail changes. 

Please note: you are responsible for any customs/duties your government charges on international purchases. Please be aware of your country's duty laws before purchasing.

To our friends overseas: we're working to re-open international shipping to the United Kingdom, Australia, the EU, and beyond. New changes in VAT restrictions and international first class restrictions due to Covid have made things a bit complicated but we are working on it. We treasure your business and fully intend to re-open international shipping in full, ASAP!

What payment methods do you accept?

You can select your preferred payment method at checkout.

  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.
  • We also accept payments via AfterPay on purchases over $50. Please note that AfterPay is a third party payment service; Sarah Day Arts cannot personally intervene in case of disputes with AfterPay.

Are there any cheaper shipping methods other than the ones listed?

No.  We need each and every order to have a USPS tracking number, which means it must be sent through USPS First Class Mail, First Class International Mail, or Priority Mail. This helps us ensure we know where your parcel is at all times through its journey to you. We do not profit on shipping, and therefore cannot offer discounted rates or free shipping at this time.

Can I combine orders to save on shipping?

Sorry!  If you place two separate orders, they will ship as separate orders.  As a one-person operation, it is not possible for me to combine/refund/reconcile/bundle multiple orders. Please plan your purchases accordingly!

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Don't let my use of the royal "we" deceive's just me over here, your pal Sarah, packing all of these wonderful orders!! I'm so thankful for the way this business has grown and keeps my hands so very busy. 

In our "downtime" between launches/during slower seasons, I often am able to process and pack orders same-day, sometimes right as they roll in! When things are breezy, you'll usually see your order ship in 1-3 business days.

In our busy times (right after a new product launch or around the holidays) processing times may vary. Generally, all open orders are fulfilled within 7-10 business days. I know it's hard to wait on happy mail, so I make it my goal to ensure the goods are worth your wait. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please feel free to send me an email! I'm here to help wherever I can.

How long will it take to receive my order once it has shipped?

The TL;DR, domestic orders generally take  3-5 business days (up to 2 weeks), and international orders generally take 4-8 weeks to reach their final destinations.

A little about how our shipping process works: when we print your shipping label, you will receive an email saying that your order has "shipped"...but it does not enter the mail stream until USPS has picked it up.  Actual travel time for your parcel varies widely, and will depend on your proximity to our HQ in Seattle, WA.

I always recommend folks keep an eye on their tracking number, and reach out if anything seems unusual or you have any concerns.  But do be aware, due to Covid-19 & the complications it presents, mail is taking a lot longer than usual.  My best advice for all occasions is to order early!

I live outside the US, will I have to pay customs?

If you're ordering for delivery outside the US, it's possible you will need to pay customs or duties on your purchase upon import. Duties/import fees vary by country; please make sure you understand your country's customs regulations before ordering! orders that are returned to us due to unpaid duties may not be refunded.

We are not able to send purchases as "gifts," and we have to be 100% honest when stating costs of goods on customs forms! (i.e. please don't ask us to lie to your government for you, we can't do that!)

What if my package arrives late?

For the past 18+ months, we have been seeing record numbers when it comes to delayed mail, in part due to Covid and in part due to the chronic underfunding of the USPS by the federal government.  Despite these challenges, very few mail pieces have actually been lost altogether! It's just that sometimes mail is arriving later than one would prefer.  Common problems include:

- Mail being marked "delivered" even though it has not been delivered (it will likely still come, but may take another few days!)

- Mail being "stuck" at a particular distribution center in a major metropolitan area (these distribution centers are easily overwhelmed right now)

- Mail not being scanned at the point of origin, and therefore not showing up on the tracking website for days or weeks (but this does not mean your mail is lost!)

Please be patient as your mail makes its way to you. I know it's frustrating to have to deal with these kinds of unexpected delays. Please be aware that I do not receive any additional information from USPS about the location of your package; I only have access to the same tracking link that you have. Please remember that I cannot offer refunds for delayed mail, as mail delays are completely outside of my control. Refunds for mail that is definitively lost are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and will only be granted when it is clear that the package is definitely lost (usually after 4-6 weeks of no updates from the tracking site, 8-12 weeks in the case of international mail).  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Return Policy

If you wish to make a return, please reach out to us within 30 days of receiving the item. We only accept the return of goods that are still in New condition, and we can only process returns within 30 days of your receiving the item. 

We do not offer cash refunds, but we can offer store credit upon the timely return of goods that are still in New condition. You will be responsible for return shipping costs.

Paper goods such as stickers, rainbow-makers, greeting cards, and art prints are final sale.

For sanitary reasons, all earrings are final sale.


Oops! I entered incorrect info at checkout!

It's okay, it happens all the time!  What's important is that you let me know absolutely as soon as possible by emailingsarahdayarts@gmail.comwith your name, order number, and correct information.  Once your order is marked shipped, I cannot make further changes to its destination.

Oops! My order arrived damaged.

If your order arrives damaged, we ask that you email us atsarahdayarts@gmail.comwith your name, order number, and (if possible) photos of the damages incurred within 30 days. We do not expect our customers to bear the burden of damaged mail, and in most cases we can offer replacements or store credit.  Again, please let us know of any damages within 30 days of receiving your order or date of incident. Please be prepared to provide photos of damages.

Oops! I received the wrong item/size/color!

We take full responsibility in any cases where we may have sent you the wrong item, as does happen on rare occasion.  Please emailsarahdayarts@gmail.comas soon as you notice the error so we can make it right for you.  If you wish to return the incorrect item for an exchange/refund, it must still be in new condition when you send it back.  We will cover the cost of any return shipping.  Please be prepared to provide photos/documentation of error.

Oops! I think my order might be lost in the mail.

Let's be honest: this has been a downright difficult year for USPS.  They've been facing budget cuts at a time when they need support the most, and their workforce is a massive team of essential workers directly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Keeping all that in mind, it's not unusual these days for mail to get "stuck" in one location for a while along its journey.  It's also not unusual for mail to be held up at Memphis central processing (our local processing plant) on its outbound journey.  International mail sometimes get caught up at the international processing facility in Miami.  All we can ask here is that you are patient, and willing to understand that the rate of shipping is beyond our control.  Especially as the holidays approach, the mail may continue to slow.  We hope you'll rest assured that, in our 3 years of being an online retailer, USPS rarely actually loses a package.  It's mostly that sometimes mail just takes a lot longer than we'd like it to.

That said, if you do have a concern about your tracking details or parcel's whereabouts that you'd like me to answer directly, I'm always happy to do that.  Please email and be sure to include your order number and the nature of your concern.

Oops! My question wasn't answered by this FAQ!

That's okay, that probably just means it's a really good question. Go ahead and send me an email, I'll sort you out!!

Rainbow-making Window Sticker FAQ

How do I apply the Rainbow-makers to my windows?

Check out for instructions from our manufacturer on how to install your window stickers.  Just scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of the page!  It is very important that you follow these instructions when applying your window stickers. 

Please do not lay your window stickers down on dry glass, and please do not try to pull them back up once you've stuck them on. We cannot offer refunds or replacements for improperly applied stickers.

Will the Rainbow-makers come off my windows?

These rainbow-making stickers are meant to be applied permanently, and are designed for one single use. While they can be removed in most cases, we cannot guarantee removal results, as these do vary case by case. Please consider carefully before applying these stickers in a rental or a dorm room. 

Can I move the Rainbow-makers around?

No, once you've stuck them to the window you should not attempt to pull them back up to rearrange them. This is why our care instructions advise applying to a wet window...if you wet down the whole window with slightly sudsy water, it'll lubricate the glass and allow you to slide the sticker into the desired position.

These are permanent stickers, and are only meant to be applied once (and according to the manufacturer instructions found at

Can I install the Rainbow-makers in my car?

No, you should not install these stickers in your car.These stickers reflect and refract light, which can be distracting or even impede your vision while driving. Safety first, please!!

I don't have a squeegee, what should I use instead?

If you don't have a squeegee, you may want to try a credit card or a plastic ruler. If you use any implement other than a rubber squeegee, please wrap it in a paper towel to avoid scratching the UV ink. Use light pressure & try to be as delicate as possible!