Fresh Picks for Spring

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You Asked, She's Here!

This one goes out to all the folks who asked "are you going to make it in silver?"

After a long wait, I can finally say, YES! Our best-selling Rainbow Cosmic Magen David is finally here in silver plated brass...ask and you shall receive, bbs!


Surprise Seconds!

Your favorite dog park conversation-starter is back!

This batch came to us with the embroidery just a tad bigger than we expected, but the great news is now we get to offer it to you at our lowest price ever.

Dog Dad & Pet Parent versions are still in stock for now, just a handful left of each!

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Stickers 4 Everybody!

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Freshly Restocked!

Our stud selection has finally been replenished! From good luck charms to tiny pomegranates, we have your ears covered.


We Love Washi Tape!

Twitter's Favorite Judaica

Let's Put a Pin In It

Rainbow Season Has Arrived

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Whether frogs or berries, stars or moons, we have something just for you!

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