Custom Artwork and Freelance FAQ

Pricing, Timeline and Trades

What information should I include in a custom artwork request?

Please make sure your request for custom artwork or freelance labor includes:

  • The list of deliverables (or, what do you want me to make for you?)
  • The budget for the project (or, how much are you planning to spend?)
  • The timeline (or, when do you need this work finished by?)

Please review the next section below to read more about pricing & timeline minimums.

How much does custom artwork cost?

Generally speaking, my floor for custom art & design work is currently $500 USD for smaller scale projects for personal use. For commercial artwork that will be used as part of a business (logos, merchandise design, etc.) pricing begins at $1,000 USD and spans upward depending on the scale of the project, the number of deliverables, your company's licensing terms, etc.

Please note, in the case of merchandise design & artwork for-print, the fees above do not include production cost of prints, merchandise, etc.

Currently I am not able to accept commission projects priced below $500.

How long does custom artwork take to make?

Custom artwork usually has a minimum timeline of 4-6 weeks, spanning upward depending on the complexity of the work and the number of deliverables. Custom projects are first come, first served, so please reach out early to ensure availability!

Do you ever work for trade?

Sometimes! If you are offering work for trade, please be prepared with the estimated retail value of your proposed trade items. If you'd like me to work for exposure, please be prepared with the estimated monetary value of the marketing & exposure you are offering as trade.