How to get the Best Rainbows from Rainbow Symphony Stickers

  • The best windows to place your suncatcher decals or sheet in are your east, west, and south facing windows. While east facing windows produce amazing light in the mornings, west facing windows are perfect for the afternoon and south windows are great for all day exposure, especially in the winter when the sun is lower on the horizon
  • You do need direct sunlight for our suncatchers to work, but you may not want to place your suncatcher in the sunniest window possible because it's harder to control the ambient light of the room. With some curtains, drapes, or blinds, you can better direct the sunlight into your suncatcher.
  • Remember, weather, time of year, seasons, and placement all play a factor when trying to get the best rainbows!
  • Your decals will never fade or stop working, it's likely the seasons or weather has changed and the placement of the sun has moved! That's ok! The vibrant rainbows will always return, we promise.
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