Songs About Rainbows enamel pin

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Straight from my sketchbook comes the first pin we've released in a couple **years** folks!! I thought my enamel pin days were behind me but I had this idea and simply couldn't resist. Presenting "Songs About Rainbows," a sweet froggy pin that wants to sing you little lullabies under a pastel candy sky. Choose blue, pink...or select "one of each, please!" to receive one of each color at a discount!

Each pin is 1.5" at its widest point and is made of soft enamel set in a polished gold metal, with a custom back stamp so you'll never forget who designed this bad boy! Comes affixed to the illustrated backing card shown. Two studs on the back of the pin provide a little extra security and support. Pins come with pink, heart-shaped sparkly caps (if you are concerned about pins falling off a backpack or jacket, you may want to purchase locking caps, available at most craft stores).

Produced by The Pin Department in Los Angeles, CA.