Mini Backyard Friends - set of 3 mini rainbow makers

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Back by popular demand, rainbow-making window stickers!! And, for the first time ever, we're offering a few miniature friends as a set. Each sticker measures about 3-4". Arrange them all on one window, or spread them out to bless multiple rooms, it's all up to you!

These stickers, when applied properly to a window, will create a prismatic rainbow effect when direct sunlight shines through them!Ā For instructions on how to apply your window sticker,Ā click here to watch an instructional video from our manufacturer!Ā 

Please note:Ā these areĀ single-use stickers, notĀ reusableĀ clings. They can be removed when necessary, but are notĀ madeĀ to be re-applied.Ā Please be gentle when applying, and follow instructions exactlyĀ (video above, orĀ click here for written directions). We cannot issue refunds or replacements for improperly used stickers.Ā Not recommended for use in cars or other vehicles.