Episode Three: "Happy" New Year

Episode Three: "Happy" New Year

Good evening, folks, and happy new year. 2021 has only just begun, and yet already I get an overwhelming sense that nothing will fundamentally change, in fact we will be spending the next twelve months navigating an increasingly complex and difficult hellscape with little-to-no assistance from anyone in positions of national leadership. This is an incredibly un-cute and un-fun sentiment, which is why it's just for us here in the blog. I wouldn't say I'm entirely doom-pilled (no one who is truly doom-pilled would sit through a two hour working group meeting on a bank holiday), but the vibes over here at Sarah Day HQ are mediocre at best. I guess I could best summarize by saying I am deeply concerned and extremely tired.


This break from the shop has, however, been a delight. I've had time to really create, re-focus, and figure out what sorts of things I want to focus on in 2021 as far as my shop and online presence go. I have some pretty exciting plans for products, I've been making entirely new content for TikTok which has been a surprisingly pleasant challenge. I actually have a lot of thoughts about WHY TikTok is such a better platform for artists (but that's another blog post entirely). This break has been an important reminder that I need to be scheduling probably quarterly shop breaks...like, I need to be choosing a slow week each quarter to simply close. Until I can get to the point where I can hire fulfillment helpers, this really seems like the only way to ensure I have time to recuperate, and stay relatively on-pace with creating new products. The nicest part is, after being closed for a couple weeks, I actually do miss packing orders and look forward to adding that workflow back into my routine.


In terms of general "housekeeping"/announcements!! Shop re-opens Monday January 4th, so if you've been waiting on that, it's coming!! Shipping is going to continue to be slow as fuck; I imagine may christmas orders still haven't made their way through Memphis central processing. Another sign of our empire in deep decay and decline :) 


Other than that...stay tuned here on the blog! And if there's something you want to read about/something you want me to write about, drop it in the comments. I'd love to hear your feedback. So far this blog is largely stream-of-consciousness/just a nice way for me to log my reflections and share them with you in a way that's not possible on social media. But if you'd like to see more specifically focused articles, I can do that too! Follow me on Twitter & TikTok because I'm going to continue to post content there that isn't going to be cross-posted on Instagram (yay continued platform diversification)!


I hope all of you are "doing well" (whatever that means) and staying safe. Keep hanging in there. "Happy" new year.

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